ANICUR was founded in 2011 and is located in Schilde near Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium.

The company is focused on research and development, regulatory affairs, production and marketing and sales management of animal health products.

Our products are viewed from the standpoint of both the animal and the customer. In this way, ANICUR creates added value, which gives the customer of a whole range of advantages.

ANICUR works together with outstanding laboratories in the field of research and development, production, packaging and storage capacity. This gives rise to ultra-modern manufacturing with processes supported by full traceability systems. In all of this, quality is the highest priority. The quality of production meets the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

ANICUR is seeking to be active and successful in existing and new markets, and to understand the needs that will create value for current and future customers. This implies an unbiased process of searching for trends and openness to learning new ideas and conceptual frameworks.

Dr. Bart Wolfs, DVM, MBA
General Manager, Anicur

Dr. Bart Wolfs, DVM, MBA General Manager, Anicur